Organic Apple Orchards

We Practice Organic  Orchard Standards On 5+ Acres Of Tees

Solar Photovoltaics

Spread Over 3  Installations, Totaling 17kw of Sun Power.


Based on Sepp Holzer's agro- ecology Designs, Installed in 2015.

Compost Tea & The Soil Food Web

We Work With Microbes, Bacteria  &  Fungi To Enhance Our Soils

Hugelkulture Beds  

Large Beds With Organic  Material Cores For Maximum Production .

Aquaculture Pond

  Working To Clean Water & Enhance Aquatic Biodiversity

Tree & Plant Propagation Lab

In House, Year Round Production

Permaculture Food Forest

Based on Bill Mollison's Iconic Design Template For Perennial Polyculture


4 Hives Pollinate Our Orchards & gardens